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Design by Lia

Design by Lia consists of exclusive designs created by Lia (Soelia Nascimento) and is divided into two product lines: fashion accessories and decor, most notable designs for table linen.

Each one of my designs has been handmade, following traditional methods, for a unique and exclusive product. Design by Lia aims to bring originality, quality, and, most importantly, joy, to your daily life. As such we we work primarily with limited editions,made with high quality materials, taking care of the smallest of details.

Fashion surrounds us! And so my designs are constantly changing and evolving day after day as I aim to incorporate shifting elements from varying cultures. Design by Lia is committed to quality, innovation and, above all, exclusivity. Enjoy everything we have to offer!

About me

Brazilian by birth, I grew up in Salvador and currently reside in the city of Barcelona. My roots are strongly drenched in folklore, art, cultural diversity and the cuisine of my hometown; and you will find all of these features in each of my designs, a reflection of my cosmopolitan personality.

My relationship with the world of fashion began when I was just a child. My family had a an antiquated habit of entrusting our clothes to a dressmaker. This tradition enabled us to always wear something unique and exclusive, tailored to our respective tastes, personalities and lifestyles. It was precisely the colours of the fabrics and fabric scraps scattered on the ground that awakened in me a spark that has accompanied me throughout my life.

Gradually I began to formulate my own designs, each more original and daring, and what began as a childhood game grew slowly into a passion that I decided to dedicate my career.

My professional experience as an entrepreneur in the fashion world, especially in the sector of lingerie and high-end French lingerie, combined with my love of contact with other cultures, lifestyles and cuisines is what led me to start embark upon this journey. And so Design by Lia was born, a space for me to express my chic and original spirit, and highlight it with many multicultural strokes.

Throughout my career I have never ceased in educating myself and pushing myself to create the fresh new designs you find on this web site, always combining my Brazilian origin with my European education. Each of my designs is unique and every one forms a small part of me and my story. I hope you like them!

Lía in Fashion

Thanks to my work as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, I have had the opportunity to visit, for several consecutive years, the two most important trade fairs: Paris Prêt è Porter and Lyon Mode City. The ability to exchange my ideas with other professionals has given me a comprehensive understanding on the nature of fashion and I have endeavoured to apply this knowledge in my role both as a professional shopper, and as a designer, striving to tailor designs that keep up with ever-changing trends.

My Design

Colour, Simplicity, elegance. My designs are heavily inspired by Nature, and by the colours and textures of fruits and flowers, most notably by my favorite flower, the tulip. I also draw inspiration from the streets of Bahia, from the astounding artistry that fills this region, from the fascinating character of its people, and from their unique customs and traditions.

I am often inspired by the little things that often go unnoticed such as: the cosmopolitan character of Barcelona, architecture, gastronomy, the beautiful simplicity of nature, and of course, by those small moments that, day after day, my children bless me with. They are the real driving force behind my work, the ones who inspire me and motivate push myself further and further.

I welcome you to Design by Lia. Enjoy!